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About Us

Mr. M.S.M. Najeeb (Chairman) of Aroma Natural Rubber (Pvt) Ltd the Manufacturers of Technically Specified Rubber (TSR 20) attributes the success of this company. In 1986 it was the desired effort of this young entrepreneur in rubber that gave birth to Aroma Traders. In this year Mr. Najeeb started trading centre to purchase scrap rubber, RSS and spice at Mawanella his home town. By 1991 Aroma Company changed the focus commencing scrap manufacturing industry with 12 workers.

Over the years Aroma Rubber Manufacturers has gained tremendous experience its modern machinery and the expertise of a team of skilled staff leading the company to not only a through but also an unparalleled insight into the unique needs of the sector. By 2006 company introduced TSR 20 rubber which is added value product to primary rubber products of scrap rubber and RSS. Aroma Rubber Manufactures turned into Limited Liability Company in 2010.

Mr. Najeebs’ (Chairman) brother Mr. M.S. Riyal Batcha and his eldest son Mr. M.N.M. Nifkhan are integral part of this company. The company has successfully performed in the local market by maintaining high quality product acceptable to the local BOI projects resulting in becoming the leading exporter globally of said product since 2006.

Our Mission

‘Use natural rubber as a most valuable industry in Sri Lankan economy and society with environmental friendly manner’

Our Vision

‘To manufacture quality products acceptable to customers locally and internationally using natural rubber with the assistance
of dedicated and highly skilled staff. We protect the environment, increase the foreign exchange and living conditions of
rural poor in Sri Lanka’